Barrel Room Cheese Shop Market

Officially opening its doors in the spring of 2017, Hawk Haven’s Barrel Room Cheese Shop serves up a variety of gourmet cheese & charcuterie, house made dips & snacks, and artisanal sandwiches. The Market will feature packaged meats and cheeses, artisanal drinks, a pumpkin patch, and more.

Empanada Mama’s

Empanada Mama’s offers homemade baked empanadas from savory to sweet made here in Cape May.   Our wide variety includes Classic Chicken and Cheese, Beef and Onion, Carrot Ginger, Pork and Provolone, Ricotta and Sun-dried tomato and Pineapple guava, just to name a few of the many varieties we offer.

Mermaid Mutineer

Gypsy food caravan serving sandwiches and sides inspired by the flavors of the festival. Follow @mermaidmutineer on instagram for sneak peeks of the offerings!

Quahog’s Seafood Shack

Quahog’ s Seafood Shack offers an amazing collection of seafood fares that you’ll surely fall in love with. Located in Stone Harbor, everything is prepared fresh at this casual seafood restaurant with an outdoor patio.

Taco Shop

Serving authentic Mexican-style takeout, the Taco Shop strives to provide healthy, fresh, and local food without sacrificing authenticity and speedy service.

Cape May Salt Oyster Company

Elder Point Oysters are farm-raised in the Delaware Bay using custom-designed gear and are harvested year round.  Elder Points’ beautiful light honey-colored shells make an attractive addition to any raw bar, and are easily shucked. They have the perfect balance of sweetness and brine in their plump, velvety smooth meats.

Jersey Bill’s Barbeque

Jersey Bill’s Barbecue is dedicated to providing homemade food with the idea that simple is always better, using family recipes handed down through generations. What separates Jersey Bill from the rest is his own secret BBQ seasoned rub, known as Rub Potion 39. All of Bill’s meats are slow roasted and lightly smoked with a variety of hickory, alder, cherry, and oak woods. He also supplies all the condiments, including his special BBQ sauce.